Our methodology is based on our experience in fast track projects with high quality finishing. A team approach facilitates the integration of technical, economic and management expertise into the planning and design of each project. We coordinate the work of an experienced team of structural, mechanical and specialty consultants.


Audicho Group is an Architectural firm founded in 1991, which provides comprehensive services in building design, interior design, landscape design and Real Estate Development. With over 350 projects in The Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America, our portfolio includes residential, commercial, institutional, hospitality and healthcare projects ranging from architecture to high-end residential interiors, corporate offices, retail stores, restaurant and architectural restoration.


Laoun Pavilion

An Extension Pavilion has been added to the existing house, with an infinity pool, a "Diwan" and a garden surrounding the pavilion and divan structures.

The existing building was restored and converted from an 8 unit residential building to a 32 unit hotel with a lobby and a restaurant on the ground floor.



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